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For more information contact info.solna@engelska.se or 08 544 735 30 Internationella Engelska Skolan Krokslätt Year 3-6 Sick Report (Before 8 AM): 031 381 8540 Telephone: 031 381 85 03 For Visitors/Deliveries: Ebbe Lieberathsgatan 19 412 65 Göteborg Click here for a map. If you have any complaints or other feedback, please contact our principal, Ms Desiree Ekendahl desiree.ekendahl.krokslatt@engelska.se 0736 61 98 93 IES Sundbyberg opened as part of an ambitious new urban development which will see the Valla Park area reinvigorated, while IES Länna is a brand new, custom-designed and built school on a road which has only just been opened. Both schools have been opened in cooperation with their home municipality, An IES education School is one of the most important parts of every student’s life. It plays a vital role in your child realising their hopes and dreams, and in shaping who they become as a person. We believe that by setting the same academic expectations for all children and having clear rules and routines, we make sure they can all succeed, irrespective of background. IES Solna can be found at Diktarvägen 4. Find the school on the map in Google maps.

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If you are having problems logging in, please contact our IT Representative, Ms Bacakli. At IES Nacka we have a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers from a variety of countries, all working hard to ensure the provision of outstanding learning environments. We are committed to creating and maintaining a school where teachers can teach and students can learn. Visitor address: Internationella Engelska skolan i Upplands Väsby Smedbyvägen 8C SE-194 30 Upplands Väsby The reception: 08-590 723 71 info.vasby@engelska.se Mon.-Fri. 07:30-15:30 Fritids: 070 843 23 90 Mon.-Fri. 06:30-18:00 Command of English.

Our school is very community-centered, and we focus on building a climate based on our four core values: respect, honesty, hard work and safety. IES Staffanstorp, IES Trelleborg and IES Växjö. Read more.

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Internationella Engelska Skolan Länna (IES Länna).The central pillars of what Internationella Engelska Skolan offers our students world wide are: To command Öppenhet – mellan skola och föräldrar School Soft gör det enkelt för dig som förälder att ta del av dina barns skolarbete.Det är ett enkelt, webbaserat program som är utformat för att hjälpa föräldrar, lärare och elever att kommunicera med varandra och hålla ordning på det dagliga skolarbetet. IES Länna opened in August of 2018 with 410 students in grades 4-8. We have grown gradually and now have 570 students in grades 4-9.

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Teacher IES Länna, Art, Ages 10 - 15 • Internationella

Ies lanna

Children should learn to command the English language, not just know it, at an early age. My name is Mr. Angelos Antonopoulos, the newly appointed Assistant Principal in IES Solna. I am originally from Greece, where I graduated as a special education teacher, with a focus on ADHD and ASD. Soon after receiving my diploma, I moved to Stockholm and joined the IES family, helping as part of the founding team to open IES Tyresö as the school’s specialpedagog in 2014. Here at IES Falun, we are always trying to encourage our students to have a "Growth Mindset". The is defined wonderfully in Carol Dweck's book, Mindset: " The growth mindset is based on the belief that your basic qualities are things you can cultivate IES Länna opened in August of 2018 with 410 students in grades 4-8. We have grown gradually and now have 570 students in grades 4-9.

Ies lanna

You can report absence for a full day or individual lessons, as seen in this instructional video. We cannot report your child’s absence for you. If you are having problems logging in, please contact our IT Representative, Ms Bacakli.
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Each week, we speak to someone on our podcast who shares their journey with us. Their journey might include anxiety, depression, insecurities, or trauma. Internationella Engelska Skolan Länna (IES Länna) Telefon: 08-20 90 15 E-post: info.lanna@engelska.se Adress: Lunnarevägen 7, 142 52 Skogås Kontakta administratörs- och supportteam eller lärarna Admin and SupportLärarena Internationella Engelska Skolan Länna (IES Länna) Phone: 08-20 90 15 Email: info.lanna@engelska.se Address: Lunnarevägen 7, 142 52 Skogås Contact the Admin and Support team or the Teachers Admin and Support Teachers You must consent to third-party cookies to view this content. Öppenhet – nyckeln till framgång School Soft gör det enkelt för föräldrar att ta del av sina barns skolarbete.

Till hösten öppnar vi årkurs 4-8.
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Internationella Engelska Skolan Länna (IES Länna) IES Länna öppnade i Augusti 2018 med 410 elever i årskurs 4-8.